New Product Offering

Helidyne offers power generation and gas processing technology to the Oil & Gas industry with its new Planetary Rotor Expander.

Model 4400 Pressure Reduction Generator (PRG) is the company’s first commercialized and fully automated power generation package with capacity up to 60 kWe.


Waste Pressure Recovery

The expander is driven by gas pressure not combustion, so it is 100% emission free. With a pressure rating of 1,440 psi, its ideal for waste pressure recovery applications like those found at regulator stations and city gates located along natural gas pipelines.

The proprietary planetary rotor design is self-cleaning and can handle “wet” gas at the expander inlet, making it uniquely capable for harsh Oil & Gas applications.

Gas Processing

Natural gas processing often involves dropping gas pressure across a J-T valve to cool and condense out NGL’s entrained in raw feed stock. Other than cooling, the process is a complete loss of energy.

Using Helidyne’s expander to by-pass the J-T valve not only provides on-site electric power, but significantly improves cooling capacity and NGL production by as much as 50%.

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